The service your fabrics deserve

A premium finish demands premium service. That is why the quality of our machinery goes hand in hand with the quality of our advice, assistance and ability to provide personalised solutions.

We analyse your finishing, production and spatial needs to adapt our machinery to all your requirements. This is how we make your Turbang unique. We combine knowledge and experience to adjust all the parameters and determine the auxiliary equipment necessary to manufacture a machine that will offer the right result in terms of finish and production capacity.

We know how important it is to decide how you’re going to put the finishing touches to your products. And in this, the choice of the machinery is crucial. We perform pre-purchase tests with your own fabrics so you know what excellent results Turbang can offer in advance. The best finish begins without doubts.

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We offer efficient, continuous care forever. Our technical support service is there for you at all times to make sure that your production line is always up and running. With our team’s remote connection to the plant, we can immediately diagnose any incident, and plan ahead for any spare parts you might need for your machines, sending you new parts before they need to be replaced.